Mango Service Offerings

International Recruitment Through Mango

Mango has a two pronged approach to international recruitment. Through our social media advertising campaigns Mango ensures that potential students across China, Brazil, and South Korea understand what your university has to offer.

In addition, Mango offers applicant generation through our unique relationships with recruiters and test prep agencies. Our algorithm Insight ensures that we target the unique needs of your University while accounting for the students potential to excel.

Our Services


Social Media

Through social media advertising Mango will expand your universities brand image across South Korea, Brazil, and China.


Applicant Generation

Using our insight software Mango will generate more applicants for your university.


Success Metrics

Mango's targeted algorithmic approach ensures only pre-qualified applicants will be applying.

Social Media & Advertising Platforms


Weibo is the Chinese social media heavy-weight. With 60 million active users, this is a very effective channel to advertise on.


WeChat has experienced a 1000% annual growth in the last year. This is a popular social messaging app you won't want to miss.



Naver is the Chinese equivalent to Google. Posting ads on Naver guarantees that your college will be one of the top five search results.



Incruit is the South Korean social media cross between linkedIn and Facebook, this is a very effective channel to advertise on.


Facebook is incredibly popular in Brazil making Portuguese posts an excellent way to reach potential students.